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Josh Morrow

Written by on October 23, 2018



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Upstate Pride

The Upstate, South Carolina Pride March and Festival will be tomorrow at Barnett Park in Spartanburg. Make sure to follow @UpstatePrideSC on social media to stay up to date on the latest announcements (there will be a lot!). We cannot wait for you to help us celebrate the first-ever UpstateRead More…

What is the worst chore?

What is the worst chore you can think of? I hate doing the dishes and I hate unloading the dish washer.

Saying that drive parents crazy!

According to a new survey the top 10 words that parents hate hearing over and over again are: 1.  “Are we there yet?” 2.  “What’s for dinner?” 3.  “When is dinner?” 4.  “Mom!” 5.  “Do we have any food?” 6.  “I don’t want to go!” 7.  “Where are the goodRead More…

Scam Call

Micro Cheating

Is micro cheating really cheating? In a new survey 19% say having a “work wife” or “work husband” is cheating. And almost everyone agrees SEXTING is cheating. What is micro cheating? Urban dictionary says Micro Cheating is “Small things in a relationship that makes your S.O mad but not enoughRead More…

Is your email out of control?

How many messages do you have in your email’s inbox? If you are like myself you may have 928 unread messages and that is just one inbox. So how do you combat this and take control of your email? There are for things you can do to help with theRead More…

Plenty of Fish banning photo filters?

The dating site Plenty of Fish is banning photo filters to make it harder for people to misrepresent what they look like. According to a new poll 70% of members said they believe filters are deceptive and 52% said they should be banned. Photo filters are not the only issuesRead More…

AHS 1984

Have you seen the new season of American Horror Story? If so what are your thoughts so far? The first episode started out okay, but as the episode went on I thought I was watching an episode of Scream Queens. The first episode had more “laughable” moments rather than horror.Read More…

Sales are up for Male sex dolls, Why?

A company who makes these male sex dolls say in the past 4 years, sales are up 15%. So who are buying these dolls? The answer is simple but it will completely blow your mind. One of the big customers are straight or curious men who want to EXPERIMENT, andRead More…

Sexy Mr. Rogers Costume?

It is true, now you can get a “sexy” Mr. Rogers costume for Halloween.

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