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Hometown:  Woburn, Massachusetts

I am a huge sports fan, enjoy traveling, big heart for animals. Keep an eye out, as I’m an upcoming talent who will rise over the years. Attended acting school in Boston, and recent graduate of Connecticut School Of Broadcasting. Been interested in radio/TV broadcasting since a young age. I’m a Leo, and was born for entertainment. GO GATORS! 

Get To Know Nicole Callahan

What is the dumbest way you have ever been injured? 

Challenged to do a push up and clap back in 1999.  When attempted, I landed smack down on my face breaking a tooth.

What is something people would never guess about you? 

That I really do enjoying napping

Is a Hot Dog A Sandwich and why?

Definitely not a sandwich. It’s a dog in a bun that always falls apart.

If you could breed 2 animals together to defy the laws of nature, what new animal would create?

I’d create a Sqwog, which is a squirrel and dog mating together

Unlimited beer or tacos for life?


Would you rather have skin that changes with your emotions or tattoos appear all over your body depicting what you did yesterday?

Definitely the tattoos, because I think they are sexy. Also it would help me remember what I did the night before.

What is something people are obsessed with but you don’t get and why?


Would you rather run naked through the streets or have your mother lecture you non stop for a week? 

Streak through the streets

Would you rather be plain looking and funny, or super hot and boring?

Plain looking and funny. Who likes boring??

What is your favorite old school jam?