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Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Grew up in Sacramento and after interning for a radio station in high school I fell in love with it! Currently host a comedy podcast called Gag On This…Podcast, do stand up comedy(so check for me in the comedy clubs), and I am on the radio…but something tells me you already knew that! Super excited to be on the radio in Gainesville!! #Gatornation

Get To Know Big Nick:

What is the dumbest way you have ever been injured? 

I broke my middle finger while playing tether ball…and I didn’t even win the game

What is something people would never guess about you?

I had a perm for most of my junior year. Yeah….I know…but I swear I looked good

Is a Hot Dog A Sandwich and why?

Bread+Meat+Condiment=Sandwhich, it’s just sound logic.

If you could breed 2 animals together to defy the laws of nature, what new animal would create?

Chameleon and Wolf. Mainly because it would be awesome to see a wolf with those weird eyes..

Unlimited beer or tacos for life?

Tacos!!!! I got the name Big Nick for both height and width.

Would you rather have skin that changes with your emotions or tattoos appear all over your body depicting what you did yesterday?

Skin change with mood definitely! Otherwise I would be a walking billboard for why you stay in school.

What is something people are obsessed with but you don’t get and why?

Kardashians…like, what do they do exactly?

Would you rather run naked through the streets or have your mother lecture you non stop for a week?

Naked all day, err day!! Not because I dislike my mother but because I like…you get the idea.

Would you rather be plain looking and funny, or super hot and boring?

Plain looking and funny for sure, chicks dig humor!.

What is your favorite old school jam?