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Hometown:  Tulsa, Oklahoma

Kate’s been in radio for 12 years- scoring her first gig during college at OKC, Oklahoma. An urban station (no! it’s not all country music in the midwest!). She moved to the east coast 5 years ago and LOVES it. Kate loves radio, music, hiking, cooking, and Mad-libs. She has 2 dogs- 2 cats and got married in September of 2019. She accepts gifts from strangers but also carries mace so… keep your distance 😉

Get To Know Kate

What is the dumbest way you have ever been injured? 

I broke my finger a few years ago playing catch with a bunch of female friends of mine that play rugby. I don’t do sports… of any kind. Even catch resulted in an injury that has left my finger permanently crooked. Know your boundaries!

What is something people would never guess about you? 

That I don’t like peanut butter. I know- only human on the planet who doesn’t like it. I’m not allergic either. This always shocks people.

Is a Hot Dog A Sandwich and why?

I’m not getting dragged into this again.

If you could breed 2 animals together to defy the laws of nature, what new animal would create?

A bear and a chipmunk. No matter what the outcome- I’d want it.

Unlimited beer or tacos for life?

Tacos babyyy

Would you rather have skin that changes with your emotions or tattoos appear all over your body depicting what you did yesterday?

Those would be some boring tattoos

What is something people are obsessed with but you don’t get and why?


Would you rather run naked through the streets or have your mother lecture you non stop for a week? 

Naked. Don’t tell my mom though because then I’ll get both the lecture and the streaking.

Would you rather be plain looking and funny, or super hot and boring?

Super hot and boring. At least until the next election

What is your favorite old school jam?